About Us

Our Story

CONNECT2CRYPTO is a proudly Canadian tech company, headquartered in Vaughan, Ontario. We have a vision for global contribution within the areas of communication, blockchain technology & changing the way crypto communities interact.

At CONNECT2CRYPTO, we are on a mission to provide a secured space for  blockchain companies and their end-users to have an unparalleled user experience in community building.

Our Team

Being a serial entrepreneur, our president and co-founder holds 15 years of experience in Finance and Business. He is a technology and blockchain veteran with extensive experience in leading tech start-ups in Health & Fitness industry & now focusing on Blockchain & Crypto Space. Being a successive entrepreneur with a passion for creating innovative ventures by leveraging technology, Calvin brings vision and advancements to CONNECT2CRYPTO.

Calvin Doan
(President & Co-founder)

Kenny Doan
(CFO & Co-founder)

Our co-founder and CFO brings a wealth of financial and strategic experience to CONNECT2CRYPTO. He has a substantial background as an entrepreneur and holds experience with Business and technology. Has had successful experience in the Crypto industry as a day trader and NFT Trader and enjoys spending hours doing market research on the current and upcoming trends.

Theepan Kaja
(CTO & Co-founder)

Theepan Kaja, our Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, is a Technology Architect & Consultant by profession specializing in multiple tech stack languages. He has over 10 years of development and leadership experience delivering best-in-class solutions across several verticals and myriad technology stacks. He has experience working with startups through corporates on all sides of the table, helping realize ideas and maximize potential.

Jennifer Fernandes

Jennifer C. Fernandes, as Fintech/Blockchain executive has 10+ years of experience in Canadian core payments, software, hardware, encryption, compliance, alternate payments, card brand, and bank certifications in North America. Prior to C2C, Jennifer held the senior executive positions at DOMIS Group (CEO) and now as their Chair, PSP Card Services Inc (VP), Devajvoo Systems Canada (GM), and other Fortune 500 companies. She has consulted predominately in the financial services industry through her management consulting firm of 15 years, PresenTEC Solutions Inc.

Rahul Sharma

Rahul Sharma, CFA by profession has a varied experience in Blockchain. He is a keynote speaker at events in Singapore, Dubai & Toronto. He has been a panelist on topics such as privacy & security in the Blockchain. Besides being a Chartered Financial Analyst for over 10 years he is also a founder of a Blockchain consulting firm. His former work was with a (CEX) Centralized Crypto Exchange as a Marketing Head for North America.

Devika Sharma
(General Manager)

Devika Sharma as management and operations executive brings experience in leading and growing teams especially within start-ups and fast paced organizations. As a General Manager at CONNECT2CRYPTO, she provides expertise in leading high-performance teams, successfully increasing efficiency and productivity and of whilstreducing costs and inefficiencies.